10 Incredible Acts Of Kindness By Dogs To Humans

10 Incredible Acts Of Kindness By Dogs To Humans from dailymotion by Geo Beats
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Here are 10 incredible acts of kindness by dogs to humans.

Lassie may be the most famous life-saving dog, but plenty of others – and real ones at that – have gone to extraordinary lengths to rescue humans from perilous situations.

Here are 10 incredible canine acts of kindness and bravery.

Number 10. Wolfdog rescued her elderly humans. The 81-year-old couple was at work in their forest animal sanctuary when a terrible storm broke out. Fallen trees prevented them from seeking shelter, but before long a rescued wolfdog hybrid named Shana burrowed a tunnel to the house and guided them out of harm’s way.

Number 9. Pit bull sacrificed her own leg. When intruders broke into her and her family’s home, a dog named Lefty sprang into action. When a gun was pointed at the father, she placed herself between him and a bullet, sustaining injuries that resulted in her leg being amputated.

Number 8. Stray dog rescued abandoned baby. A newborn girl was placed in a plastic bag and left in a Kenyan forest. Luckily she was found by a canine mom who picked her up, carried her across a busy street, and lay the infant among her own litter. The girl was soon discovered there and taken to a nearby hospital.

Number 7. Beagle saved her owner after hit and run. Her name is Lucy and when she and her companion, John, were out for a walk, they were struck by a car. Her broken legs didn’t stop her from crawling to a dentist’s office and yelping until someone showed up to help.

Number 6. Golden retriever takes on a cougar. While out picking up wood, an 11-year-old boy found himself in the path of quickly approaching cougar. Angel, a pup of only 18 months, saw the big cat coming and inserted herself between it and the child. She and the cougar fought for a while, and, miraculously, Angel survived the brawl.

Number 5. Dog helped toddler survive a 30-degree night. A 3-year old girl wandered away from her family and for around 15 hours no one could find her. When she was located, the family dog was with her, and had kept her warm throughout the dangerously chilly time.

Number 4. Beloved pet blows the whistle on an abusive baby sitter. Though they’d employed the caretaker for several months, the parents couldn’t ignore the fact that their dog became agitated when she was around. It finally made them suspicious enough to plant a recording device, which is how they learned that the sitter was abusing the boy.

Number 3. Hero dog saved dozens of soldiers. A canine named Target made headlines when she prevented US soldiers from becoming victims of a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. She and two other canines attacked the individual, who ended up exploding himself.

Number 2. Chihuahua intervened during a rattlesnake attack. Small but powerful is one way to describe Zoey, the 5-pound female who lunged between a toddlerand a striking snake to prevent harm. She ended up needing medical attention, but made a full recovery.

Number 1. Pit Bull took the brunt of an assault. The intended target was his female owner, but the two year old stepped in and ended up being the one attacked. The individual who kicked around and stabbed the dog multiple times was charged with animal cruelty and assault.

Have you ever by helped out by a heroic dog?