"Defenses (Inspired by Brené Brown)" by Blake Brandes (Motivational Rap #34)

"Defenses (Inspired by Brené Brown)" by Blake Brandes (Motivational Rap #34) from youtube by Blake Brandes
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Rap inspired by Brené Brown's book "Daring Greatly" and the April 16, 2015 blog post "Developing Defense Mechanisms From Past Pain" by Blake Brandes. Read the post here: http://www.blakebrandes.com/blog

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Instrumental: "Beings" by Madeon


Yo I’m in the Bay – you can’t touch the rent
I broke my chains when I jumped the fence
And I must admit that it took just one event
For me to throw up such a tough defense
Cuz I condensed everything to a moment of pain
That in the future I could try to prevent
But the time I spent building up brick walls
Could’ve been better building by the side of my friends
Ever since the days of the playground
We’re told not to rise, just to stay down
But we can climb the walls we take down
By Daring Greatly, like Brené Brown
No TED Talk, it’s just a Blake rap
Always takes courage to skirmish and face facts
Though they may laugh when the strong man stumbles
You’ll have the last laugh when the brick wall crumbles