Dog Rescue / Georgina and her puppies / Qawra / AAA Malta

Dog Rescue / Georgina and her puppies / Qawra / AAA Malta from youtube by Association for Abandoned Animals
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Georgina and her puppies rescue.

For the last 6 years, the streets of Qawra were home to a beautiful stray dog called

Residents grew to love this golden ball of fur, and she would visit her many feeders every day like clockwork.

Despite her friendly nature and predictable behaviour, Georgina would always keep her
distance, and it was never possible to capture and sterilize her.

Every six months she would give birth to a litter of 6-8 beautiful puppies in a deserted
derelict house across the Salina salt pans.

AAA worked with her feeders to keep on top of the situation, and always managed to
capture most of the puppies and find good homes for them, but others were stolen by
unknown people and sold for a profit.

Georgina would always evade capture, despite numerous attempts to bring her in. Georgina was just too street wise.

Finally, after 6 years and almost 100 beautiful puppies, Georgina and her three-day old
litter were rescued by the AAA team in August, and mother and puppies are safe and well.

Make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks!

Georgina would like to thank everybody in Qawra who took such good care of her and her puppies over the years.

Teamwork, divides the effort and multiplies the success
Thanks to Island Sanctuary and AAA.

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