How to add subtitles to a downloaded movie. (To Mp4, iTunes or Avi) (2013)

How to add subtitles to a downloaded movie. (To Mp4, iTunes or Avi) (2013) from youtube by beugel2
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Tutorial: Easy for everyone, 100% work. .

Add subtitles to a downloaded movie. Links: - -

First of all you have to download handbrake.
Go to and download.
You will have this file now. Open it.

Now add your movie to it. ( From itunes or just an
Avi/mp4 file.) You can drag it or open it.

Now you need your subtitle file. I always download
it @ (Only Dutch or English)
You can search for any subtitle on this site.
For example NCIS:LA
There are more sites with SRT. subtitle files on it.
It has to be a SRT file.

If you downloaded the subtitle file we are going back
to handbrake.
Go to subtitles in the middle.
Step 1: Import SRT
Step 2: Look for the right file
Step 3: Double click on it
Step 4: It has to be on Default and the language
you downloaded.
Step 5: Add

Last but not least you need to choose where to
save the new movie with subtitle.
Browse and click on downloads or whatever.

Now press start
It will ad the subtitle now and convert it
to mp4.
We will have to wait now.

Ok, handbrake almost finished.
Remember the subtitle file has to be srt.
It works, the other file doesnt have subtitles
Thanks for watching :)

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