How to Make Him Want You More and More! Here is How to Double His Attraction For You Fast

How to Make Him Want You More and More! Here is How to Double His Attraction For You Fast from youtube by Harry Patterson
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Relationships that have been going on for years tend to become boring. Activities are often done out of habit and new ones rarely come up. At times, it gets so boring that the people involved would rather choose to breakup than suffer. However, if you are determined to keep your relationship, you should do things that would make him want you more and more each day:
Be lavish with surprises.
Romantic dinners aren't for birthdays and anniversaries alone. Remember that you can treat him out on a romantic date even during the most unexpected days. The surprise would surely turn him on and would make him want more (and more) of you.
Rekindle your passion for each other.
Remember how sweet the two of you used to be? Bring back all those memories and reenact them. It might just be what both of you had been missing all this time. Aside from reliving your happy moments, you can also try and create new activities that you both could enjoy. Your goal should be to reignite your feelings to each other.
Give each other some quality time.
Has work eaten up much of your time? Then set aside a day off from work, family and friends and spend it with each other. If you can, try scheduling a day each week when the two of you could be alone.
Keep him on the edge of his seat.
Give your man all the love you can possibly give, but make sure you still hold back some, so that he will crave for more. Anticipation is the key to make him want more and more of you each day.
Offer him something that would make him crave for you.
If you love cooking, you might want to lavish your man with your best recipes every now and then. It may be a cliché but it still is true that the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
Don't hesitate to get a makeover.
Your man may have gotten bored with the way you look. Have you always had that long straight hair since you two started dating out? Give yourself a new look and surprise him!
Change your bad habits.
Bad attitudes, characteristics, and hobbies could be the reasons why your man is trying to stay away from you. If you long to be wanted, then being likable is the first step. Get rid of the things that make you appear bad, and try to acquire good habits.