Impact Erebus Two

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A very rare 1990 documentary detailing the investigative campaign of Captain Gordon Vette, who, along with Justice Peter Mahon; investigated and exposed the true causes behind the tragic loss of Air NZ's Antarctic Sightseeing Flight; TE-901 on 28 November 1979. A flight which took the lives of 257 people, and which still stands as NZ's worst aviation disaster.

Captain Vette's investigations and analyses also assisted Justice Mahon in revealing key psychological factors, which, had the Airline had not casually neglected them in their training standards and regulations, may have allowed the pilots to avoid the crash.

He persisted in advocating for a genuine examination of ALL the contributing factors, while many of his colleagues at Air NZ simply toed the company line and deliberately obfuscated the truth when testifying - as part of the airline's attempt to have the dead pilots blamed, and the company absolved of any real culpability.

It was Vette's critical analysis and scientifically based input that contributed significantly to Mahon's final report on the Royal Commission of Enquiry into the disaster; whereby Mahon publicly refuted the NZ government's initial conclusions, dismissed the notion of 'pilot error', and intimated that Air NZ deliberately conspired to mislead the enquiry - ultimately concluding that the incompetence of the airline's navigation section was the primary cause of the crash.

Although Vette was forced to relinquish his position as senior line Captain at Air NZ, he later received an honorary Doctorate in Engineering from Glasgow University, due to his invaluable research in the investigation, and the resulting contributions to commercial flight safety.

This documentary is an important part of New Zealand history, as although many of the other Erebus films do make note of Captain Vettes' contributions; this one provides a more in-depth explanation of the critical factors that Vette uncovered, his role in assisting Justice Mahon when his final report was rejected and appealed against by the NZ government, and the personal consequences of pursuing the truth amongst "an orchestrated litany of lies".