My 18th Birthday | 18 Random Acts of Kindness

My 18th Birthday | 18 Random Acts of Kindness from youtube by lejmmfwcc
featured video : Random Acts of Kindness
featured video : Simple Acts of Kindness - Give it a try
1) Putting up "Happy Balloons"
2) Paying for the next coffee
3) Putting sweets through letterboxes
4) Leaving a present for the postman
5) Giving fresh fruit/veg to a Foodbank
6/7) Giving out magazines/newspapers to people in the Job/Housing centre
8) Making sandwiches for dump workers
9) Making cookies for road cleaners
10) Taking drink cans to firemen
11) Taking cookies to the police
12) Making cakes for bus drivers
13) Giving chocolates to A&E security
14) ... and A&E receptionists
15) Giving care packs to the homeless
16) Giving flowers to Haven workers
17) Taking drinks to a youth club
18) Giving chocolates to bin men

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(*Not ALL events took place on 2/7/13, getting supplies happened before!!)