Winter is Coming! Can I Finish the Log Cabin in Time? Roof, Stove and Outhouse

Winter is Coming! Can I Finish the Log Cabin in Time? Roof, Stove and Outhouse from youtube by My Self Reliance
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I knew it was coming soon, but not now! I have several things that need to be done before they're buried in snow and the ground freezes - finish the roof of the log cabin, build the outhouse, collect moss and clay for chinking, install the wood stove to heat the cabin, collect firewood....
Life at the cabin is getting more interesting with the approach of winter. The bear is still hanging around, presumably planning on hibernating on my land or nearby. The water in the creek is the highest it's been all year, with all of the rain and snow that fell this week. Cutting down dead trees and splitting firewood is quickly becoming a daily chore, especially with the wood stove almost ready to go.
It's also time to start stocking the larder with food for the winter in the cabin. Moose season came and went with no animals seen. Deer season opens next week and there are a few animals around, which would be a welcome addition to the storehouse.
Living offgrid is challenging, especially with zero electricity. Storing food this winter is going to be interesting since the homestead is not set up fully and there is no smokehouse, cache or root cellar.
The house, although a tiny home, is not feeling cramped so far. The loft is more than big enough to sleep two or more, which we did for the first time this week. Doug Outside and Joe Robinet stopped by for a night, and Doug stayed overnight while Joe had to go home.
We did have a chance to film a fireside chat about YouTube and making a living at something you love. It's not suitable for this channel though, so you'll have to check into Patreon to see what it's all about.
In my self reflections, I talk about visualization and how it helps me focus each day and perform to the top of my game.
That's it for now. See you next week up at the cabin.